Depth Skru Magnetic Weights

Three sizes available for any application


Small Magnetic weight post with 3 add-on weight discs

Our amazing new, patent-pending, Magnetic Weights are instant on and instant off, no tools needed. Perfect for medium to large streams and rivers with fly rod weights 5 and up and weights size BB and up. Easier than split shot, non-polluting (lead free) and fun to use.

  1. Place leader/tippet into slit in threaded Skru which has a small magnet embedded in the head.
  2. Place nut onto Skru and cinch down tightly. In this state, the plastic nut and Skru (with the embedded magnet) weigh about as much as one small split shot.
  3. Fish!
  4. To add additional weight, slap an add-on magnet disc onto embedded magnet.
  5. Add or remove up to 6 magnet discs depending on needs for each seam, crease, or pool you fish throughout the day.

  • Won't damage line.
  • Entire weight system is easily adjustable in placement on the leader; just loosen nut, slide to desired location, and tighten back down.
  • Weights can detach from post on hard snags giving you back your entire rig. Just add more weight discs and you're fising again.
  • GREEN! No lead!

Large and small weight sets. Each contains two posts (a nut and slitted Skru) and 30 add-on magnet discs.

Large size Magnetic Weights available soon!

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