The (Unfair) Comparison

Our Products:

1. Easy on/off floats and weights. No leader twist or damage.

2. Fixed on line - no slip.

3. Easy Off. No line kink. The leader is completely unaffected.

4. Straight from nymph to dry with same leader - no twists or kinks in leader.

5. Use the same leader all day. No damage to leader. Save money.

6. No tools needed for weights. All you need are your fingers.

7. Our weights are green - no lead. Most states will outlaw lead.

8. Our weights are reusable so will save you money.

The Competition:

1. Line must be forced through a hole and twisted, or in some way wound.

2. The indicator still slips on the line.

3. Hard to remove and leaves a twisted or wound up mess of leader.

4. Need to use new leader or separate rod to dry fly fish.

5. Wastes leader material and flies due to line damage.

6. Current weights need a hemostat to get them on and off.

7. Current weights are usually lead and toxic. If not, they are hard to keep on line.

8. Current split shot weights are not really reusable.

Here is where the rubber meets the road, or the fly hits the water.

Why are our designs better? In a nutshell, they are easier to use, remain where you put them every time and don't damage the leader. This all adds up to less time re-rigging and more time with your fly in the water. And, let's face it, the water is where the fish are.

Other indicator systems attach in one of several ways:

1. Leader is pinched and pushed through a loop or hole on the indicator, then looped around the indicator and pulled into a knot. But, the indicator still slips and the leader is a twisted mess after removing it. The twisting also weakens the line.

2. Line is fed through a central hole and a toothpick or stopper is used to secure it. But, you must remove your fly to attach or remove it.

3. The leader is placed in a groove, within which there is a rubber band and the two halves of the indicator are twisted. But, the indicators tend to fall off and they still slip.

4. A wire loop is passed over the leader and the leader is pulled through the indicator and held in place by a tight rubber grommet. But, this type of indicator can only be used once.

5. The leader is wound around a screw multiple times and then the screw tightens against a rubber washer. But, the line ends up hopelessly twisted and the indicator falls off fairly easily. They never thought of the slit!

The problem with the other types of indicators, slippage and line damage.

Our system is simple. Your line is placed into a slit in a threaded nylon post and a nut is tightened over the line.

1. No slip. 2. No falling off, ever. 3. No twisting of the line. 4. Reusable almost forever.

Try one and you will see, there is really no comparison.

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