Adjustable size, valved BALLOON INDICATORS!


We do Montana one better with our attachment system. Attach our patent-pending, Skru-on, valved balloon post, pick one of our custom made balloons (available in 4 colors and 2 shapes) and you will be fishing with the only indicator you'll ever need. The size adjusts from one half inch in diameter to over an inch and one half.

Sold as a kit containing 10 balloons, two patent-pending valved posts, an extra skru, and patent-pending balloon inflator bottle that doubles as convenient storage for the kit. Additional replacement posts and additional balloons are also available separately for purchase in our store.

HOW IT WORKS: Remove a post from the storage bottle that is also the pump. Screw the post onto the threaded nipple on the bottle cap. Stretch a balloon onto the post. Locate the small air hole on the back of the bottle and squeeze (some people can blow them up with their mouths... we have a name for those people but we won't say it here. John can do it but Frank can't... 'nuff said!)


Once you have the size you want, simply place your leader in the slit in the threaded Skru, then turn your post (with the balloon) onto the screw and cinch down tight! That's it. It won't move until you want it to. Then, just turn the post counterclockwise one half turn to loosen, slide to the desired spot on the leader and tighten back down.

Range of balloon inflation sizes


(Some people have dangerous latex allergies - make sure you are not allergic before using our latex indicator balloons.)

Choose a kit containing a mixture of colors or just your favorite.

Try our NEW 'Antenna' Balloon indicators and get a better vertical read on your drift. They come in two drab-color versions and two bright-color versions each with a highly visible antenna.

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