John and Frank met on the banks of the Deschutes River in Oregon in 2004 and have been friends ever since. John is tall, Frank is not. On that day Frank nearly drowned trying to wade across to an island with John. Since then, John probes deeper water and Frank lurks in the shallows, making them a perfect team to cover water. They did find out that day that Frank also floats, thanks to his post youth weight increase, so in reality can act as a flotation device if John gets into trouble. Together, John and Frank explore the rivers of the Northwest, while their wives try to get along without them.

Frank is a medical doctor and fly-fisher. He came up with his ideas for fishing products in the shower. He comes up with his best ideas in the bathroom. Many years ago Frank was a mountain climber, but as he aged became a mountain himself, so now he fishes. Frank hardly ever sleeps, but when he does he dreams about fly fishing and past mountain climbing trips.

Frank hugging a Coho Salmon (8 wt 9 ft fly rod)
John is a financial advisor who happens to also be a wood worker and craftsman. He developed their ideas into working prototypes. While Frank spends time in the bathroom, John is working in his shop. John comes up with most of his ideas while sleeping. John sleeps a lot, even while fly fishing.

John with his chum. Dental work needed.

John's dad James is our technical advisor in design and manufacturing. He makes really great jigs and other thingys.

James making fishing gear in his shop.

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