Revolutionary, patent-pending attachment systems make our
indicators and weights stand apart from the competition.

"Fly Fishing with a Twist"


Field Systems Research started as an endeavor to come up with a better way to attach the amazingly popular trapped air indicators so heavily used all around the world today. How many times have you been frustrated with slippage or line damage? Well, same with us.

We did it! It's a slit in a screw. We call it a "Skru". Now our patent-pending bobbers, strike indicators and magnetic weights connected to a line with our Skrus are changing the game forever.

It's so easy... AND IT WORKS!

1. Remove nut 2. Place leader in slit 3. Replace nut and tighten...Duh

With our revolutionary strike indicators and our amazing Magnetic Weights you will be ready to nymph fish or get down with a deep swing when needed. Then, with a half twist of the nut you can slide your indicator and weights to any spot on the leader and cinch back down in seconds or quickly remove to switch to surface gear.

  • No Line DAMAGE
  • Easy to ADJUST

It's so cool that we decided to spring for a model.

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